Monday, August 15, 2022
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Course of embroidery and sewing Blouse/Shirt

Ukrainian embroidery

Course of embroidery and sewing

In this course you will learn how to make a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt "sorochka" from scratch, using linen cloth and woolen, cotton, and/or metallic threads. This course will start with choosing the traditional pattern that works for you. Then you will choose a linen or hemp fabric and cut out the pieces for the shirt. 

The course will be led by Myroslava Boikiv, master embroiderer and weaver from the Ivano-Frankivsk region, who specializes in ancient methods of textile work in western Ukraine; she has worked for years recreating and restoring old pieces stored in the museum collections of the Carpathian region and created several stunning pieces (shown in the photos).

Myroslava will guide studen
ts in the process from start to finish and share the nuances of the craft. There may be some additional classes offered some weekends in the fall, for additional time. Students are also expected to work on embroidery outside of class time to complete this project. Myroslava may be available for additional private lessons upon request. Instruction in Ukrainian, with English interpretation.
**2 start dates to join the group**
Summer course start date: Aug 8. Full course start date: Sept 19
New students welcome at any time, with advance notice.

Course highlights:
Traditional cuts of Ukrainian folk shirts.
Technique for sewing:
basic stitches; raised stitches; outlining stitches; combining different embroidery techniques; "merezhka" (drawn stitchwork); edging; preparation of tassles and ties.

For additional information please contact Myroslava at 6477091078 (mobile) or myrosia_boyki[at] (email) or for non-Ukrainian speakers: Bozena at kosa.kolektiv[at] :)

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